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Statement: The Union Project is a sign of the regime’s weakness and fear and a coming nation’s victory

Al-Wafa’a Party |
Statement: The Union Project is a sign of the regime’s weakness and fear and a coming nation’s victory

Al Wafa’a Islamic Movement sees that the eagerness of the falling regime to sell the country to Saudi Arabia is a sign of weakness and fear, and it came after the regime’s failure to contain the crisis that grind the country since the blessed Revolution that started on the 14th of February last year. Al Wafa’a considers the current step of the Union as another attempt within a series of attempts led by the regime in collusion with some countries in the rigon and the powerful Major countries to get rid of the popular seismic will in Bahrain and to prevent this flame from reaching other dictatorship neighboring countries fears that share the face of public anger explosive like that terminates the Al-Khalifa decaying regime, also it confirms that the falling Al-Khalifa regime proved by the live experience that it is not only not trusted on the rights of his people but also on the sovereignty of the country which it determinate to sell without shame, surpassing any popular mandate that authorizes it to take such major crucial decisions.
We believe the regime in the land of Hijaz (Saudi Arabia) is a regime hostile to our people and a fighter to the demands of change which led our heroic people, after the despair of the occupier of the Saudi feasibility of its mechanisms and its military forces by the depth in the slaughter of our children and abuse them, the two abusive royal regimes presented the Union project bypassing all norms of international politics and completely ignoring the right of peoples through the Declaration of the Federation of single countries.
We condemn the attitude of the international community complicit with the dictatorial regimes of all what is happening in Bahrain at the domestic level and in the region. We consider the silence on the Saudi Arabia’s troops that entered to Bahrain last year and step of the Union in this way put forward by the Al-Khalifa and Al Saud regimes as a scandal with all international standards, and reveal the duplication of standards and the compressing strength of interest in against the revolutions that erupt in the Arab region.
Moreover, our heroic people does not see the current regime as legitimate representative nor faithful to the National sovereignty, which it is not bound by any decision of this falling regime and people emphasized on its commitment to sovereignty over their homeland. Also, people declared the complete rejection on compromising of any grain of its homeland’s soil and it considered any union with any party without the Popular approval as normalization explicit dominance of Saudi Arabia on the soil of our homeland, and will deal with it in this perspective. We consider the need for intervention by the United Nations through a referendum of self-determination is an urgent need to protect our country and preserve its sovereignty.

We would not fail to give thanks for the friendly international forces that stood firmly against the project of Saudi Arabia to combine Bahrain

And victory cometh only from God
Issued by: Al-Wafa’a Islamic Movement
Sunday, May 20th, 2012

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